Disciples of Jesus – Praising God – Caring for Its Community

School Chaplaincy

Rev Lynsey is Chaplain to Dundonald Primary School and has an excellent working relationship with the local head teacher and teaching staff. Rev Lynsey enjoys going into the classrooms 1-2 times each term to teach the children on issues pertinent to their Religious and Moral Education and Wellbeing. Rev Lynsey is also involved in school assemblies and working directly with the children to write and perform in church/school services for Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Rev Lynsey provides a pastoral ministry to teachers and parents and monthly runs a ‘breakfast blether’ a drop-in space for parents.

School chaplaincy

Lynsey is involved with School assemblies, services and classroom work and hopes to start a Scripture Union Group for P6/P7s.

Breakfast blether

Once each month parents and carers can have a ‘Breakfast Blether’ with her at the School. If you would like to talk over any pastoral/spiritual issues please contact Lynsey.

School Work

Rev Lynsey has also recently joined the chaplaincy team at Marr College.