Disciples of Jesus – Praising God – Caring for Its Community

Funerals, Weddings and Baptisms

If you’d like to deepen your faith and commitment to Jesus, baptism is available for children and adults.
Christian Weddings can also be performed in the Church and Lysey is happy to provide a Christian Funeral for folks in the Parish.


Rev Lynsey offers a Christian funeral to anyone within the parish of Dundonald with or without any church connection.
It is important to us that the bereaved are supported and Rev Lynsey has the help of a very gifted and caring pastoral care team. The pastoral care team support Rev Lynsey to visit people at home and/or in Hospital.
The church dislikes funeral poverty and wants the community to know that a Church of Scotland minister does not charge for a funeral service.


Rev Lynsey is happy to meet with couples wanting to get married within the church.
Rev Lynsey will marry anyone with or without a church connection but asks that the couple partakes in the ‘Alpha Marriage Preparation Course’ at the manse prior to the wedding day.


Rev Lynsey will baptise babies of parents/grandparents that have a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that are able to take a vow to bring up the child to know the love of God.
Please see the enclosed Baptism booklet as a guide to what happens during a Christian Baptism. Rev Lynsey will also perform adult baptisms.


For couples that do not want to take a vow to God but would like their child blessed within a church service.
Rev Lynsey will also provide a ‘blessing’ thanking God for the baby and blessing them within their family.