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Data Protection Policy

Dundonald Parish Church takes it’s responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) very seriously.

In order for us to function as a Church, and as a charity, and to fulfill the necessary administration and financial requirements, we will hold information on every member or adherent unless we are specifically instructed not to do so. In this we do not need to seek the specific approval of each member / adherent as they provide the information freely upon indicating their wish to join us. We will normally hold a person’s full name, full address and, where provided, telephone number and / or email address. None of this information will be shared with a third party unless we are legally required to do so.

Information relating to organisational leaders, helpers and similar contacts may be published in our Church Magazine “Contact”, on this website and in our Church’s Yearbook. Members of Kirk Session, Congregational Board and Trustees will have their name, address and contact number published in our Church Magazine “Contact”, on this website and in our Church’s Yearbook with the appropriate approval having been obtained.

The documents, both paper and electronic, will be kept up to date and will be held securely, and accessed only by the Minister, Session Clerk, Treasurer, Gift Aid Convenor, Roll Keeper, WFO Convenor, Safeguarding Co-ordinator, and the Data Controller. Records will be deleted as soon as practical upon the death of a member / adherent or upon their departure from our Congregation. A request to inspect the record relating to a specific person may be made to Bob McMillan, Data Controller, via 01563 850702 or gm8juy@btinternet.com however it will only be allowed on the direct request of the individual concerned and after proof of identity is made.

A copy of the GDPR policy may be viewd via this link.

A copy of our Privacy Notice can be accessed via this link.